main carrd (streaming, voting, projects)

1. open youtube on browser or in the youtube app
2. log in to your youtube account
3. search "stray kids (title track) mv" in the search bar
4. click and watch the entire video with 480p or higher
5. watch 2-3 videos in between (other stray kids mvs)
6. close the window & repeat from step 3

additional tips
like, comment & share - like the music video and leave comments. also share or embed the mv link on your sns accounts.
keep streaming - if the views freeze, continue to stream. your views will still count.
volume - volume should be at least fifty percent. do not mute the video on youtube. use headphones or mute computer volume if you want to stream quietly.
do not open multiple tabs - if you have multiple tabs open, youtube will count it as spam.
don't delete viewing history - your viewing history can allow youtube to search and count your views.
do not use incognito tab
do not use playlists in the first forty-eight hours
if streaming on different devices, use different accounts
do not refresh the page or pause the video


pre save the songs
use playlists - use a pre-made playlist or your own to stream. make sure to have a variety of songs.
do not loop songs - this will be considered spam by spotify and the streams won't count. listen to songs in between and try to loop your entire playlist when you go to sleep.
share the song - sharing the song link is important for making the viral 50 chart on spotify.
offline streams do count - streaming downloaded songs will be counted if you have a premium account.
volume - don't mute the song, the volume must be at least 50%. if you're using your computer, you can mute your device instead or use headphones to stream quietly.


buying the song/album - buy the song/album on itunes then delete it from your apple music library to make your streams count. you should see a + sign instead of a cloud when you're streaming.
streaming on apple music - play the album or playlist without downloading the song. you should see a + sign instead of a cloud when you're streaming.
streaming tips
buy the tracks separately - buying separately will make it count as an album sale and a digital song sale.
use playlists - use playlists with a variety of songs in it to stream.
do not loop songs - this will be considered spam and the streams will be filtered out. you can loop your entire playlist whenever you go to sleep.
purchasing on streaming platforms
1. use the website to purchase itunes gift cards. use the coupon code welcome3 at checkout for three dollars off. for example, you can purchase two $2 gift cards (total: $5.98) for $2.98 with the coupon. you can also send gift cards to other people using this website because the gift cards are sent via email.
2. if purchasing the entire album, buy each track individually so they count as a digital song sale as well as an album sale. do not click complete my album.
3. remember to delete the songs from your apple music library after purchasing so your streams will count. you should always see a + sign instead of cloud when you're streaming. ten individual tracks purchased = one album purchased.


genie guide - guide on how to make a genie account on desktop, ios, and android. includes information for how to purchase a streaming pass.
streaming with free links - a tutorial on how to use free streaming links from other stays to help stray kids chart on genie.
free links spreadsheet - a spreadsheet with a bunch of free links you can use to stream with.
streaming tips
make multiple accounts - when using free streaming links, only one stream per account per hour will count. if you have multiple accounts then you can stream the song mulitple times.
switch accounts when streaming - even if there are multiple links, you need to switch accounts to stream multiple times or else the streams will not count.
if you buy a streaming pass, do not use free links - if you buy a streaming pass then you do not need the free links for your streams to count.
wait until closer to the comeback to purchase a pass - streaming passes are valid for 30 days so wait until the comeback date is closer to buy yours so that you can stream for more time.
general streaming rules - make sure the quality is at 320k, like the song, and make sure you play the song fully.
bugs guide - tutorial on how to create an account on bugs and purchase a streaming pass.
streaming tips
create a playlist - make a short playlist with other stray kids songs to play between streaming the title track.
loop your playlist - loop the playlist so you can continue to stream.
general streaming rules - like the song and make sure you're streaming on aac (128kbps),
guide for melon and genie